WeFUEL: Fuelling the Future

If you are one of those businesses seething because of getting conned at petrol pumps once too often, this blog is for you.

If you are worried about losing precious man-hours in getting fuel for your fleets and on-site generators at construction sites, this blog will give you precious details on how you can buy adulteration-proof, quality fuel, in the easiest way possible too.

How does buying bad fuel from petrol bunks impact your business?

Adulterated and bad quality fuel can lower mileage or lead to engine problems in your fleet.

Dead mileage is another big roadblock. On average, heavy vehicles, which are slow-moving and low on mileage, waste six litres on every filling (travelling to a gas station and back). In an industry where fleets are involved, there is a fuel loss of 18-20 percent.

If you store fuel on-site, you may face concerns about safety and theft. It’s fairly common for diesel for gensets on the construction site to get stolen or pilfered.

Then there are costs of spillage, procurement expenditure, and pain points like manpower misuse, apart from the spending on on-site fuel storage infrastructure and fuel theft.

This is where WeFUEL, a game-changer in the fuel delivery service space comes into prominence with the motto of removing such elements from the equation. This will save you capital, dead mileage and there will be better accounting.

Re-imagining fuel delivery in India

WeFUEL is the 21st-century petrol bunk re-imagined. It is the petrol bunk on steroids if you like!

The "petrol bunk near me" marshals the pain away from refuelling your heavy machinery and fleets, delivering the easiest and simplest way to subvert petrol pump fraud.

It is our attention to detail about the quality of diesel and petrol that makes us India's leading on-demand PESO certified, fuel delivery service.

How does WeFUEL ensure fuel quality?

A major part of our business is focused on accessing the best quality fuel for your industry. We own the most stringent quality control measures to assure that the fuel we buy is not adulterated or tempered. Advanced features like geo-tagging ensure that the WeFUEL tanker reaches you straight from the petrol station without being tampered with.

All you have to do to get on-board WeFUEL is to download the app, pin your location, enter the quantity of your preferred fuel and await some old-fashioned fuel for fleets with a modern, tech twist.

We not only deliver the fuel of your choice to the destination you have pinned but also ensure that the fuel quality is 100 percent and you get every bit of fuel that you pay for, unlike several fuel delivery companies that promise a dream of never having to pay a visit to a petrol station again but don’t deliver on the promise by supplying adulterated fuel.

You will never have to worry about both, the fuel quality or its quantity when you avail smart fuel delivery powered by WeFUEL. Use our contactless, on-demand, mobile, fuel delivery service today.

Get the purest fuel delivered to your doorstep, whenever you want without the friction.

Call us on +91 95000 06562 to place your order.

At WeFuel, we believe fuelling of what moves you and your Business should be effortless, convenient and environmentally accountable. We have set out to provide a last mile Fuel Delivery Service through specialized Fuel Dispensing Trucks and by leveraging IoT enabled technologies to deliver fuel to your Fleets/Generators/Earthmovers so you can focus on your other important activities.