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Cancellation and Refund Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to lay out clearly the impact of cancellation of orders placed on WeFuel for the purpose of Doorstep Delivery of Diesel (DDD)

  1. Customer Cancellation
    1. As a general rule Customer shall not be entitled to cancel Order once placed. Customer may choose to cancel Order before they receive an App notification that the vehicle has left for delivery. However, subject to Customer's previous cancellation history, WeFuel reserves the right to deny any refund to Customer pursuant to a cancellation initiated by Customer even if the same is within the time specified above, followed by suspension of account, as may be necessary in the sole discretion of WeFuel.
    2. If Customer cancels their Order after the vehicle leaves for delivery, WeFuel shall have a right to collect a penalty of an amount that WeFuel decides from time to time for breach of contract terms as a compensation for the damages suffered by WeFuel, with a right to either not to refund the Order value in case Customer's Order is paid in advance or in case it is postpaid, recover from the Customer through an invoice raised either for the specific purpose or along with the invoice for the next delivery to compensate the expenditure incurred and/or opportunity cost incurred.
  2. Non-Customer Cancellation
    1. WeFuel reserves the right to collect a penalty for the Orders constrained to be cancelled by WeFuel for reasons notattributable to WeFuel, including but not limited to:
      1. in the event if the address provided by Customer is either wrong or falls outside the delivery zone;
      2. failure to contact Customer by phone or email at the time of delivering the Order booking;
      3. failure to deliver Customer Order due to lack of information, direction or authorization from Customer at the time of delivery; or
      4. unavailability of intended quantity of Diesel ordered by Customer at the time of booking the Order; or
      5. However, in the unlikely event of intended quantity of Diesel being unavailable, WeFuel will contact the Customer on the phone number provided to us at the time of placing the Order and inform Customer of such unavailability. In such an event Customer will be entitled to cancel the entire Order and shall be entitled to a refund, if paid by the customer in advance, of an amount up to 100% of the Order value.
    2. In case of cancellations for the reasons attributable to WeFuel, WeFuel shall not collect any penalty from the Customer.
  3. Refunds
    1. Customer may be entitled to a refund for Orders paid for in advance. WeFuel reserves the right to retain the penalty payable by the Customer in Section 1 (2) from the amount refundable to them.
    2. Customer may be entitled to a refund upto 100% of the Order value if WeFuel fails to deliver the Order due to a cause attributable to WeFuel. However such refunds will be assessed on a case to case basis by WeFuel.
    3. Our decision on refunds shall be final and binding.
    4. All refund amounts shall be credited to Customer's account as may be stipulated as per the payment mechanism of Customer's choice, the estimated timelines are detailed as below, in case Customer don't choose to credit it to Customer's wallet with his/her WeFuel Account;
      Process Payment Method Refund Source TAT
      Net Banking Debit/Credit Cards UPI QR Code
      Source Source Source Source
      5-7 Business Days 4-7 Business Days 2-4 Business Days 5 Business Days

At WeFuel, we believe fuelling of what moves you and your Business should be effortless, convenient and environmentally accountable. We have set out to provide a last mile Fuel Delivery Service through specialized Fuel Dispensing Trucks and by leveraging IoT enabled technologies to deliver fuel to your Fleets/Generators/Earthmovers so you can focus on your other important activities.