WeFUEL: The Smartest Fuel Delivery Service for Businesses

What does a growing enterprise or industry like you need, to scale up growth? It’s the gold of fuel. Or to be more precise, high-quality fuel when you need it, delivered at your doorstep. Right?

This is what we at WEFUEL do. We are expanding our fuel delivery service across India. And we have mastered the art and science of delivering quality fuel in a contactless, secure, and digitally-enabled format.

You can call us the future of fuel delivery in India because we provide a hassle-free alternative to petrol pumps, where you need to drive in to get filled up instead of doorstep diesel delivery at your fingertips.

The Future of Fuel

We at WEFUEL understand that fuel quality, timely customer service, and competitive prices are important factors to consider when you choose a bulk fuel delivery supplier. And we tick all the boxes with our smart fuel delivery, assured fuel quality, and quantity and expedited online order of fuel. We are also PESO certified.

Our services include doorstep fuel delivery for

  • Generators
  • Construction Sites
  • Commercial Vehicles and Fleets
  • Corporate Offices
  • Apartment Clusters
  • IT Parks
and more.

Why Switch to WeFUEL?

The WEFUEL advantage is apparent from day one. As the 21st century fuel station, we deliver on-demand fuel of assured quality to industries and businesses like yours by leveraging a personalized platform with security features like OTP authentication, Geo-tagging and fencing; powered by the ease of integrated digital payments.

What’s more, we enhance your productivity and save money by ensuring

  • Exact quantity of fuel
  • Charging you only for the fuel we deliver
  • Eliminating costs of spillage, on-site fuel storage, manpower, and fuel theft
  • Eradicating dead mileage
  • Minimizing procurement expenditure
  • An end to the misuse of fleet cards
  • And, saving productive working hours.

We only charge you for what we dispense, nothing more.

Our dispensing unit acts the same way as a fuel station pump minus the suspicion. It also comes with a flow meter that precisely dispenses fuel. It carries an automatic shut off valve which cannot dispense more than what you ordered or more than your asset’s capacity. Additionally, we ensure the right quantity with on-demand quantity checks.

How Do You Order Fuel Using the WeFuel App?

Our smart, fully automated fuel delivery service platform is designed to facilitate the delivery of diesel to your establishment, when-you-need and where-you-need, securely.

Just follow these 5 simple steps to order fuel

  • Download the WeFUEL App
  • Select fuel type
  • Pin your location
  • Enter desired fuel quantity and time slots for delivery
  • Choose the payment method

Our Fuel Management System - Cherry on The Pie

Our domain expertise, a network of strategic partners and access to the best tech platform ensure that your fueling needs are fulfilled every single time.

WEFUEL leads the industry in its use of a smart fuel management application that allows you to enjoy a personalized dashboard and statistics to keep track of your fuel orders.

Geo-tagging ensures that the WEFUEL tanker reaches you straight to your site without being tampered with.

WEFUEL, thus, is the simpler, shorter and safer option to petrol pumps. Switch to us now to enjoy on-demand, doorstep, timely quality fuel delivery every time.

At WeFuel, we believe fuelling of what moves you and your Business should be effortless, convenient and environmentally accountable. We have set out to provide a last mile Fuel Delivery Service through specialized Fuel Dispensing Trucks and by leveraging IoT enabled technologies to deliver fuel to your Fleets/Generators/Earthmovers so you can focus on your other important activities.